Jewellery valuation


Jewellery valuation
Our clients are related to corporate, government, non- government sector, business or individuals. We provide all professional valuation services. We are trusted tax valuer in Delhi and registered with the government.

We provide valuation for the building, capital tax valuation, visa valuation, plant and machinery or deals with rental valuation, property valuation, project management, Insurance valuation etc with an expertise team.

In India, real estate statistics prove beyond the property valuation has taken better turn. This sector is growing rapidly and it will affect the buying ratio of individual. There are few factors that should be kept in mind while valuation of property:
  • 1. Location and amenities
  • 2. Infrastructure
  • 3. Commercial real estate
  • 4. Disposable income & availability of land
  • 5. Demand and supply
  • 6. Structure
  • 7. Affordability
  • 8. Customization.

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